The price of service is calculated by the subject of one translation or proofreading page or one hour of interpreting.

The smallest billing unit is one translator card or one hour. The card contains 1500 characters with spaces and the class lasts 60 minutes.

The smallest calculation unit for proofreading a text in Croatian or a foreign language is one card. The card contains 1500 characters with spaces.

We respond to every inquiry about a written translation or proofreading with an offer, which we compile based on a computer calculation. For this purpose, we use MS Word, ABBYY FineReader and other suitable software solutions. In this way, we ensure transparency of calculations or offers.

Offer for the execution of the interpreting service is provided after the potential client provides us with more detailed information. It is important for us to know which language will be translated into and which topic or specialist area to talk about. The duration of the interpretation, the location of the service and all additional details certainly enable us to provide you with the highest quality and pleasant service.

When forming prices, we take several factors into account. The most important are the language being translated or proofread and the number of pages. Delivery time, graphic processing, how much you use our services… are also details that affect the final price.

The exact price of the service and answers to all your other questions are available to you as soon as you send us an e-mail or us call!