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Audentia Prijevodi is your translation agency of choice for quick and reliable language services. We provide timely and proficient translation and interpreting services, court interpreting services, proofreading and editing services, graphic text editing services, and language localization to meet the language needs of businesses, craftsmen, state bodies and institutions, non-governmental organizations, and individuals.

Why choose us? Our capacity to comprehend your business needs, high level of proficiency, and exceptional work ethic sets us apart from other translation agencies.

Neovjereni prijevod. Pisani prijevod. Non-certified-translation

Non-certified Translation

Non-certified translations are the most in-demand service our company offers. CAT tools ensure that even the most extensive documentation is translated quickly, uniformly, and consistently.

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Ovjera sudskog tumača izjavom, pečatom i potpisom

Court Interpreter

A certified translation by a court interpreter is produced for private or professional purposes and is primarily intended for public institutions, courts, government offices etc.

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Lektura i redaktura. Uređivanje teksta. Help with proofreading and editing

Editing and Proofreading

Grammatical errors leave a bad impression. Your texts will be checked by our experts to make sure they are flawless, allowing you to present yourself in the best possible light.

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Since our beginnings in 2008, our translation agency has been committed to supporting businesses by making sure they receive the best language service possible that stands out in terms of its proficiency, promptness, and availability.

Expert management

Only highly educated language specialists, including professors, translators, and court interpreters, make up our team of employees and external collaborators, as proven by years of productive collaboration.

Ivan Medur
Office Manager
English translator
Ana-Marija Huzjan
Project Manager
Court interpreter for Macedonian, Slovene and Serbian languages


Simply send us the documents you want translated, and we will respond with a non-binding QUOTE within 30 minutes. Additionally, you can contact us by phone at +385 (0)91 159 29 29 and +385 (0)91 590 91 27.

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