One of the services we provide at our agency is interpreting, both consecutive and whispered or chuchotage.

Usmeni prijevod. Interpreting.


Consecutive interpreting is an interpreting method in which the interpreter translates the spoken words he has either recorded or memorized for the client. Usually, during speaker intermissions that are scheduled.


Whispered interpreting, also known as chuchotage, is an interpreting method in which the interpreter converses in the participant’s ear while sitting or standing next to them and simultaneously translating what is said.

Preparation for interpreting

The quality of the interpretation is greatly influenced by the previous preparation of the interpreter. It is ideal and desirable that the user of the service or the client provide as many materials related to the theme of the event as is practical. However, due to the nature of trade secrets, the client is sometimes unable to deliver part or all of the material. In that case, basic information about the subject or area that will be the subject of the translation will also serve. Marketing materials, web pages, product or service catalogs, and the like are also useful.

Information about the location of translation, duration, and number of participants will help the interpreter prepare. All other information that the client can provide or believes is necessary for the translator to be aware of will also be beneficial.

Consecutive or whispered translation is suitable for business meetings, guided tours, workshops, lectures, and basically all events involving a small number of participants.