What is a translation page?

A translation page is the smallest unit of account and contains 1500 characters, including spaces; the number of cards determines the price of the translation.

How is the price of the translation determined?

The smallest unit of account is one translation page that contains 1500 characters with spaces.

How can I deliver my text?

Texts can be delivered via e-mail, mobile applications, i.e., Whatsapp, cloud services, or personally at our address.

Can the service be completed today?

In most cases, yes. Call us for more details.

When will the translation be delivered to me?

The requested service is provided in the shortest possible time.

How can I pay?

Payment is carried out in accordance with the delivered quote or invoice.

Where can I pick up the translation?

The translations are sent via e-mail, cloud service, or you can pick them up at our office.

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