Proofreading and editing

When reading promotional materials, daily newspapers, websites, even contracts and reports, you must have noticed linguistic errors, such as: improper capitalization, they’re vs. their, your vs. you’re, its vs. it’s, run-on sentences, improper or unnecessary use of foreign words, incorrect interpunction, unnecessary and/or inappropriate digression, inconsistent pronouns, and similar. Mistakes such as these leave a bad impression, which is why it is important to avoid them. In order to present yourself in the best possible light, our experts will assist you in having these and other errors removed from your texts.

Text EDITING includes the necessary spelling, grammar, and lexical arrangements of the text as well as the necessary checking of professional terminology, i.e., general adherance to the customs of the profession, as well as the necessary arrangement (rewriting) of entire sentences to create a meaningful and consistent linguistic unit.

Text PROOFREADING includes the correction of spelling and grammatical mistakes as well as lexicology. The text is analyzed during proofreading, and any typos and punctuation errors are corrected.

Image editing

We frequently receive translation and proofreading requests for documents with predetermined formats, such as manuals, instructions for use, catalogs, or presentations.

As part of our comprehensive language service, our translators and proofreaders regularly edit images, tables, diagrams, and other non-textual elements using the proper software, expertise, and training.

Be assured that we will deliver the document in the same format that we received it in if any image editing is required.


We provide a proofreading certificate, which is signed by a graduate professor of Croatian language and literature with years of proofreading experience, to all pupils, students, and graduates for the works we have proofread for them.

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