Court Interpreter

Who are court interpreters?

Court interpreters have the authority to produce a court-certified translation, which includes both written translation and interpeting. Court-certified translations are produced in response to requests from courts, lawyers, businesses, non-governmental organizations, and individuals… The translation is intended for use in proceedings before state bodies and institutions in Croatia and abroad. With his statement and seal, the court interpreter certifies the translation, ensuring its accuracy and consistency with the original.

Permanent court interpreters are appointed by the Republic of Croatia’s Minister of Justice based on their professional qualifications and other criteria. If necessary, court interpreters will sit for additional expert exams (language and/or legal) and receive training from one of Croatia’s permanent court interpreter associations.

Sudski tumač u Zagrebu. Court interpreter in Zagreb. Sudski tumači. Court interpreters. Ovjereni prijevod. Court-certified translation.

What is the difference between a court interpreter and a translator?

Despite the fact that a court interpreter is also a translator, his job frequently entails careful research and the alignment of nomenclature, legal concepts, technical jargon, academic and professional title so that they conform to the target language. Therefore, his task is not only to translate but, as the name implies, to interpret the text for the target user.

How to identify a good court interpreter?

A good court interpreter will devote the necessary time and attention to each translation in order to ensure that all of the conditions of a good translation are met. If the subject at hand is unfamiliar to the court interpreter, he will research it, check the terminology, make sure the translation is accurate, and take other steps to ensure there are no mistakes or omissions that could lead to the translation being rejected.

What does a court interpreter translate?

The following is a list of the most frequently translated documents by court interpreters:

Certified translation for INDIVIDUALS:

  • diplomas, certificates, CVs, court decisions, extracts from the birth register, extracts from the marriage register, death certificates, certificates of residence, police clearance certificates, power of attorney, employment contracts, insurance policies, agreements, contracts, notarial documents

Certified translation for COMPANIES AND ORGANIZATION:

  • extracts from the court register, articles of incorporation, notarial documents, financial reports, audit reports, tender documentation, minutes, insurance policies, agreements, contracts, court decisions, declarations of conformity, certificates, CVs, technical reports, technical specifications, marketing materials, website content, social media content