Our references

Our references include a variety of individuals, businesses, and public or governmental agencies and bodies.

For many years, we have offered a wide range of language services, the most common of which are translation and court interpretation services. Our experience is extensive and includes many different areas of expertise — from management and marketing to highly specialized medical or technical translations.

Below, we highlight some of our service users so that you may see for yourself the range of language support that we can provide you in your daily activities.

Public and civil sector:Private sector:
County Court in Zagreb
County Court in Velika Gorica
Commercial Court in Zagreb
Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb
Municipal Criminal Court in Zagreb
Municipal court in Samobor
Municipal State Attorney’s Office in Samobor
Notary office Remenarić, Samobor
Palinić-Čulin notary office, Samobor
Knez Notary Public Office, Sveta Nedjelja
Pandž notarial office, Zagreb
Ministry of Tourism and Sports
Ministry of Family, Veterans and Intergenerational Solidarity
Central State Office for Demography
Agency for Mobility and EU Programs
JU Papuk Nature Park
University of Zadar
Faculty of Agriculture, Zagreb
Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Technology, Zagreb
Faculty of Philosophy, Zagreb
Institute of Economics, Zagreb
DOBA Faculty, R Slovenia
Embassy of the Republic of North Macedonia, Zagreb
Cultural and Informational Center of the Republic of North Macedonia, Zagreb
Serbian National Council, Zagreb
International Consulting Expertise, Belgium
Open Government Partnership, Belgium
Green Action
Informational Legal Center
Forum for Freedom of Education
B. BRAUN Adria d.o.o.
KARL STORZ Croatia d.o.o.
Poliklinika Identalia d.o.o.
Specijalna bolnica sv. Katarina
Schiller d.o.o.
Designs by AQ d.o.o.
A1 Hrvatska d.o.o.
Apsolon d.o.o.
Keune Adriatic d.o.o.
Bioaromatica d.o.o.
Podzemno skladište plina d.o.o.
Plinacro d.o.o.
КРОАЦИЈА ОСИГУРВАЊЕ – ЖИВОТ АД, Republika Sjeverna Makedonija
MCS Grupa d.o.o.
Igepa Pako d.o.o.
Konecranes d.o.o.
Eurokran d.o.o.
Amtest d.o.o.
Peri oplate i skele d.o.o.
Mato el-d d.o.o.
Geomin d.o.o.
Klimaoprema d.d.
Hidroterm-S.D. d.o.o.
Montažne kuće DLB d.o.o.
Selmont d.o.o.
Croatiainspect d.o.o.
Adriainspekt d.o.o.
SEHA d.o.o.
PIK Rijeka d.d.
Euroservis Srl, Italija
Wolfgang i Dolly d.o.o.
Law firms at home and abroad