How do we operate?


Every translation project begins with your inquiry, after which we prepare a quote and may ask you for additional information that we deem necessary. The quote includes the service type, quantity (number of pages or hours), cost, delivery date, and any additional notes regarding the project’s unique features or business procedures.

Larger and more complex translation projects necessitate the use of a project manager, who is a translator with extensive client relations experience who coordinates the work of translators and proofreaders while also handling all client or client team communication.


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Court interpreter

Based on the delivered original or its copy, a court interpreter produces a certified translation.
Before submitting a document for translation, it is helpful to obtain answers to the following questions from the appropriate authorities:

  • Does the translation necessitate the certification of a court interpreter?
  • Is it necessary to translate the entire document or just certain parts of it?
  • Is it necessary to bind the translation and the original document together?
  • How many copies do you require?

When sending the document, please be mindful of the quality of the copy, pdf file, or photograph. You should also double-check that the entire text is sent, including the back page, embossing, public notary’s certification, and any other relevant elements.


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Editing and proofreading

Proofreading and editing texts is often a long and demanding process. To produce a text that is orthographically and grammatically correct, lexically excellent, and stylistically recognizable and consistent, the proofreader must have exceptional dedication and a strong and refined sense of language. Only experts with a strong linguistic affinity are able to complete the process, which frequently calls for extraordinary creativity (especially in editorial work).

Our editors and proofreaders are more than capable of giving your texts a new tone, personality, and vitality in addition to making necessary corrections. All of this will be done in consultation with you, while respecting your preferences and the author’s right to privacy; of course, to the extent that we are able to do so in accordance with linguistic rules and the spirit of the language.


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